the bedrock

awake in a dream…we found something, like a smooth sea-stone, on the shore. there was more to the shape and wetness between our fingers when we looked into each other’s eyes knowing we found “it”. a spring of joy flooded our hearts, and i was aroused, and kissed you as the waves spilled on the sand around our feet. when we breathed, holding the stone, i noticed that neither of us knew what the shape meant, but we could feel mounting swells inside our bodies. the darkness of the rock became no more than the color of the deep sea. you held my hand closer until we became the same. you looked out beyond. your quiet eyes of the rolling ocean and reflecting sun told me all.

waves tumbled and caressed as if i was falling underwater; then, you saved me with your kiss. you came out of the wave with your legs and arms taking me into a wash of passion. my mind raced to find the shore — some kind of grounding. but, your strength around me, beside me and on me gave me solace. love with you. your hair brushed my lips and chest and i was forever underwater with your desires — breathing your breath. alive…
your curves and pearl-skin ached my tongue to taste your sea-salt. but there was more…i couldn’t touch with my fingertips and hot mouth…your soul inside your skin. i felt distant like the man i am to your womanhood. i listened to the moon-tide. a new force pulled me closer anyway. i had no choice. your flares burned me to enter and i kept digging to touch your inner realm of life, mystery and the horizon. we rolled penetrating the invisible time to a new sun. a place we knew: a place where only the wild death of living gave us free pleasure.
dreams upon colors and colors upon desires, we rolled and never felt tired. your love came without thinking. my love held yours like the stone. our breathing spilled-out: our currents turning as one stream. our rock fell. it burned under our hearts. the bedrock.