About my writing

Carpe Diem!

Okay, seriously (if you can imagine being serious while having fun writing), this blog is about my experiences. I love to travel and seek new adventures to discover more about my passions: theater/film/acting/writing; chocolates & sweets; and wine & beer. These are all part of my culture. I mean really, who doesn’t love enjoying chocolate, a glass of wine (or beer) and be entertained? Somewhere along the journey of my life, these interests have begun their timeless existence within my soul. I’ve recognized, in most nations and ethnic cultures, how similar we are as people; and, I would like to “venture” beyond the horizon and experience our world, connecting, living & loving life, outside my front door.

SInce 2003, I’ve run our family e-chocolate company, Patterson Family Chocolates, during the year-end holidays. It was a remarkable time to begin a “family” business. I had very little money to start, but I had discovered, in my kitchen, a dark and milk chocolate recipe, which I’ve coined into making only gourmet truffles. The business, itself, is avocational, since it’s primary marketing is word-of-mouth and the internet; we have no “brick and mortar” store, as conventional sweet shops. My goal, with this blog, is to open-up and share our “sweet” chocolate-filled-stories, as I travel.

Second, I love to learn and create American stories. I feel we have so many life-stories right in our back yard, as well as a history of stories and authors from all over the world, to deliver another layer of culture.

Third, as a Screen Actors Guild member-actor (SAG), I love understanding the “passion-play” of theater and film in drama.  I started in theater in 2006, at the age of thirty-six. It’s a story called, “I just became an actor in seventy-two hours!” Its been an amazing discovery to tap into the theater world, and now cinema.

Also, I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, in Plattsburgh, NY, majoring in tv/film production. By graduation, I’d garnished the top Directing and Producer awards for music video and set design. In 2008, as an actor, I studied theater and film technique in NYC at HB Studio and as an Independent Artist at The O’Neill Studio New York. Recently, I had the great opportunity to act with Oscar-winning writer, Ernest Thompson, in two of his films, and learn the craft of playwrighting.

My wine and beer fascination goes back to where I grew-up in upstate New York, and, then later, when I worked for Gallo Wine in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve always had a fascination of growing my own grapes, and to make a wine I can be proud to share and drink with friends and family. Within New York, I’ve traveled and visited only a handful of the 140 plus wineries in the region. Plus, I studied Hugh Johnson’s wine history, and I can’t get enough of knowing more! My wish: to have my own vineyard.

So, in summary, with these three passions and my friends and family, I invite you to enjoy our travels and experiences. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Send me an email, or comment on our blog.




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