My Hole for You

I’m diggin’ my hole.

I can hear Your voice, sing.

My arms ache, and my shovel shakes.

I can’t see nothin’ ‘cept my shadow.

The Sun shines down on my head, and I can feel my back.

Oh Lord, when will I be there?

I’m breathin’ my own air,

and can’t get out of my way.

My child prays, and my other plays.

Where You take me only my hole knows.

Sweat & soil sit in my feet.

I gotta keep goin’ on.

I’m searchin’ for my Hope, don’t ya know.

Money ain’t my savior, anymore.

Please forgive me, I’m diggin’ my hole for You.

Blood, Love & the Man curse me, across.

My hands grip like my stained face.

‘Forget ’em,’ I say. ‘Ain’t nothin, but a weight.’

Like rain, Your honey-voice cools–,

and I dig–harder and deeper.

There ain’t nothin’ I’d rather do, ‘cept die.


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