“God Bless You”

I hit the skids today with the blues…maybe it was the passing storm; maybe it was the big zero-sales day; maybe it was the frustration of my bills creeping-up to my door like a pack of hungry wolves. “The Brooklyn Boys,” or blue devils, had me in their grip.

I left work early and needed to breathe. I changed and went to my second job. Then, turning off the exit, I was humbled. A lonely, older man was holding a yellow sign, with red-marker etched: “Homeless Veteran. Please help. Extra change Please. God Bless You.” I saw an angel asking for a hand-out.

I drove past, pulled over and walked to him offering all of my change. He shook my hand “Commander David (something), at your service.” As he spoke, I realized how grateful I was to give him something. Dave told me his life story and cried on the side of the road. (A man, almost in his sixties, holding back his tears, trying not to expose his brave humility, in the rain.) Before I parted, he asked, “Do you believe in God?”

“That’s why I’m here,” I said.

“Ya know, I now believe people are put in my path for a reason,” Commander David said. I


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